In this universe we all have our own personality and uniqueness but sometimes we don’t recognise them.

“Have the courage to think different and be unique.” -apj abdul kalam

Being unique is not difficult. We all have some qualities that others don’t have. Sometimes people do things that attracts us and we have tried to copy them but it is not necessary that you can perform similarly and even if you do that you have lost your originality in that thing or in your life. Do not chase people. Be yourself, be original, creative and work hard.

For being unique you have to find the creativity inside you. You have to intrinsically motivate yourself to think different. You need to have some courage to accept yourself and try to improve yourself with great efforts.

When we remove the fake masks over our faces,we become original so just do that because it is necessary to find the real you.

You don’t have to satisfy others, you just need to fulfil your life with happiness.

Be happy

Be you 😊

– Saloni arya


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