‘Howdy Modi’ was a mega event occurred on 22nd September at the NRG Stadium Houston. In this unprecedented event Indian PM Modi addressed 50,000 people of Indian Americans for the first time in a foreign country.

President Trump also joined this programme and gave an elaborate speech to politically motivate the audience for his future campaign. Considering that, there are 4.4 million Indian- origin community in the USA and the majority of which supported Hilary Clinton in 2016 elections. President Donald Trump took this opportunity to impress Indian-American voters ahead of 2020 US presidential election.

The reunion between Modi and Trump showed the bonding between India and US that can aid India in its conflicting situation with its neighbouring nation Pakistan,as Pakistan is trying hard to get international attention and support on the matter of Kashmir. Moreover, an approval from Trump Administration for such humongous event and Trump participation has tacitly implied that Washington DC is on New Delhi’s side.

In a nutshell,with the occurrence of such an event, the leaders of two nations(India and US) made their relationship stronger than ever and they fulfilled their political needs and deeds at ‘Howdy Modi’.


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